Instructions for Authors

TEMPLATE: Download the manuscript template (*.doc), (*.pdf)


Manuscripts must be written using the format determined by the Editorial Board. Contribution should be accompanied by a brief statement of the contributor’s professional qualifications and experience, including current designation and full address. Contributor must note that the written manuscript should not exceed twenty (20) pages, typed in 12-point Times New Roman. Contribution should be submitted in Microsoft Word for Windows format using single spacing and leaving adequate margins on all four sides of the A4 sized paper. Pages should be consecutively numbered. All manuscripts should be accompanied by abstracts of up to 150 words.

Contributors are expected to check their work carefully before submitting, particularly with respect to factual accuracy, completeness and consistency. Acronyms and abbreviations should be used sparingly; where they are unavoidable, they should be spelled out in full the first time they are used.


Contributors are encouraged to submit photographs and other illustrations to accompany articles in ‘jpeg’ or ‘gif’ format. All illustrative materials should be clearly captioned and credited to the originator. Responsibility for obtaining copyright clearance for the publications of such material rests with the contributors.

Statistical data could be presented in the form such as graph, table and chart, drawn to a standard suitable for publication without further treatment. Graph and diagram should be drawn in black ink in a form suitable for reproduction.


Please use the APA citation styles. See the examples of APA citation styles in here:


Manuscripts submitted to the journal for publication should be original contributions and must not have been previously published or be under consideration by any other publication.

The editor’s decision with regard to publication of any item is final. A paper is accepted on the understanding that it is an original piece of work which has not been accepted for publication elsewhere. On acceptance of a manuscript for publication, it is understood that the author is willing to transfer the copyright to the publisher.


Manuscripts should be sent to:

Managing Editor
Journal of Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management

Please ensure that the contributors latest contact details have been forwarded to the Editorial Board.  While the manuscript is under review, be sure to inform the Managing Editor of any changes in the contact details.

Once submitted, the manuscript will be reviewed by the Editorial Board and local and/ or international reviewers and the contributors will be notified the review outcome within one (1) month after arrival of the manuscript.

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